NFT-based loyalty rewards program spanning the metaverse and the real world.
Enable your customers to unlock the rewards they love using NiftyKey’s non-fungible token (NFT) vouchers.
Decentralized Rewards for Crypto
An alternative to traditional reward programs
Enhance and differentiate your business by rewarding customers with physical, digital and on-chain rewards.
Boost customer engagement.
Keep your customers excited and coming back for the rewards they desire, increasing loyalty and deterring rate shopping.
Grow revenue with every acquisition.
Profitably acquire, engage and retain customers whilst driving consistent behaviours, using Nifty Key’s valuable rewards.
A genuine point of difference
Instead of competing on fees, enhance your brand by offering unique access and experiences in the metaverse thanks to NiftyKey's technology.
NiftyKey rewards are powering fast movers right now:
Stop competing on fees.
If you want to profitably acquire customers without competing on fees (the most expensive action you will ever take) then partnering with NiftyKey will bring the same killer competitive strategies that legacy financial services successfully use, straight into your crypto business. That’s the unique  experience we offer.
A solution for everyone:
Crypto Payment Cards
Our expert team will help you create an exclusive rewards program, reflecting your customers needs and enabling your business to differentiate and grow.
CEX & DEX Exchanges
Boost trading volumes and user lifetime value, by building a custom rewards campaign that fosters the desired behaviours. No need to compete on fees again!
With the growth of the role metaverses will play in customers lives, giving exclusive access within worlds is a unique benefit.
Tokens were made for fan engagement! Let NiftyKey bring a decade of expertise from centralized financial services to the next big thing…. fan and social tokens.
Infinite choice your customers will enjoy.
Tokenize any physical or digital thing and offer something unique to your customers, making your brand stand out in the crowd, by enabling the digital to physical redemption of goods.
Benefits delivered the blockchain way.
A customer-centric experience where rewards are transferred, custodied and consumed within crypto wallets and apps. Crypto-native rewards for crypto-native customers.
Your keys,
your benefits.
Ownership of NiftyKey vouchers is cryptographically secure, so suppliers cannot revoke custody and are incentivized to deliver on quality. Never before has the end-user had so much control.
Let NiftyKey help you drive a competitive advantage.
Become a NiftyKey partner.
The crypto financial services market is at an inflection point. Mass adoption is around the corner. Take action.
Choice and value.
Enable your customers to choose from a wide range of physical, digital and on chain rewards.
IRL experiences such as visitor passes.
Discounts and exclusives from selected retailers.
Airdrop rewards, NFTs and exclusive in-game access and avatar creation.
At home rewards.
Whilst we are at home: be entertained, indulge, relax and enjoy.
“We've been working with Niftykey on our future rewards platform - the process and direction is just amazing.”
Peter Wood - CEO
3 Part Journey:
1. Earn
Customers earn entitlement to rewards by performing a desired behaviour such as reaching a transaction threshold or referring a friend.
2. Choose
Select from a wide range of high-perceived value rewards, directly from your user interface, which is seamlessly connected to our redemption infrastructure.
3. Redeem
Customers can redeem rewards using NFT vouchers online or offline, or via merchant eGift vouchers.
NiftyKey’s NFT-based loyalty rewards program bridges the metaverse and the physical world using Boson Protocol's redemption infrastructure, which empowers companies to reward with physical, digital and onchain items in the metaverse as NFTs.
Become a NiftyKey partner
Get first customer advantage. Work with our highly experienced team who have helped leading legacy finance organizations to differentiate and carve out your market share.
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